Hi everyone, I need to raise some paypal $ so the lot of cards below is for sale for paypal ONLY. I am only selling these cards not trading them. I need to pay for some things and need to do it asap which is why I am only accepting paypal. The BV$ for this lot is almost BV$100 and I am selling it for $20 Paypal Delivered with DC. I have several other lots for sale and I will give multiple lot discounts depending on how much you buy. The cards in this lot will Not be sold individually, sorry. I will also include 1 FREE Game Used card with the lot. If interested please let me know. Thanks and Have a Great Day...

Here is the Lot:
2004 Bazooka ELI MANNING RC
2004 Press Pass ELI MANNING RC
2004 Press Pass Paydirt ELI MANNING RC
2004 Press Pass ELI MANNING RC RARE National Trading Card Day
2004 Press Pass SE ELI MANNING RC
2004 Topps Total ELI MANNING RC