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    2006 UD Update blaster, 2 random Packs LIVE!

    I don't know why I bought this UD Update blaster, lol.. I hate Upper Deck. I hope I get a bunch of base and if I do get a hit I hope its a redemption! Will start after a reply!

  2. Kronozio
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    Josh beckett
    Jim Edmonds
    TOTT Sammy Sosa /150 (NICE)
    Jake Peavy
    Aramis Ramirez

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    2005 Turkey Red
    Barry Bonds
    Hidalgo (white)
    Nolan Ryan
    Russ Ortiz

    not a bad pack, on to UD Update

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    Pack 1
    Ken Ray RC
    Bruce Bochy
    Matt Garza RC (PC!)
    Mike Scioscia
    Lew Walrond RC
    Ben Zobrist RC
    Kevin Resse RC
    Tejada Checklist

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    Pack 2
    Andy Marte RC
    Carlos Quentin RC
    Drew Meyer RC
    Jason Windsor RC (I have a 2004 Auto rc of him.. geez)
    Brandon League
    Javy Lopez
    Emiliano Fruto RC
    Star Attractions - Adam Jones

    Anyone out there?

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    good luck on the rest the sosa is just a paralel right?

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