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Thread: BV Please?

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    BV Please?

    I have someone wanting to trade me an A-Rod 1995 UC3- #115. The only one on Beckett is $2. This guy says the card says Rookie on it & has to be worth more. Could somebody help? Thanks.

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    These are the 2 in Beckett online:

    1995 UC3 115 Alex Rodriguez $0.75 $2.00
    1995 UC3 Artist's Proofs 115 Alex Rodriguez $15.00 $40.00

    The $2.00 one has a picture of the artists proof on its page. It says rookie on it, and also says artists proof on it. So, if it doesn't say artists proof, he has the $2 one. Hope this helps.


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    A-rod's rookies were in 1994.
    Just because it says rookie does not necessarily mean it is.
    I have quite a few cards like that myself.

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