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    -=fs=- ebay & other

    make offer!!!!

    the more you buy more you will save... i will go as low as 25%.
    shipping is 2.45 first item
    1-10 = 3.00
    10-20 = 4.00
    on and on as far as shipping.
    if you feel that my noob'ness is issue then i can gladly deal trasaction over ebay.
    i am not down for this i mail the card first thing...

    pictures are still uploading... check back in few hours.
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  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    How much for the Favre rc and the Edgerrin auto rc? ((P.M. me plz))

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    i have no clue lol as i collect autos and thats all i got in my paypal so lmk?

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    adding 750+ base and basketball cards to my sale list. give me offers to singles or entire lot.... yes, i am a noob so if there is a trust issue then we can conduct transaction over ebay or something but i am not sending my cards out first

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