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Thread: My official buylist

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    My official buylist

    Only paying via paypal (have 100+ just waiting for ya!)

    Gu of player listed = $3+!!
    Gu on player not listed (any - must be baseball) = $1.25
    Base of Cardinals = 10c
    Base of Garret Anderson = 14c
    (will also buy autos and inserts of Garret - prices will vary!)

    Listed Players
    Garret Anderson (Duh!)
    Scott Rolen
    Jim Edmonds
    Bobby Abreu
    Chippr Jones
    Andruw Jones
    Todd Helton ($2 not $3)

    For GU i will require a list
    Base its ok just to write 24 Cardinals

    Thanks -

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Are you looking for any specific years for the Cardinals base? I can sell a lot to you.

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    preston wilson
    carlos beltran
    roberto alomar

    you buying autos?

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    I could sell you a ton of Cardinals base also. Would you include some for shipping to the UK?

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    would prefer 2000-present (cards base is the least desired of my wants - desperately want G.Anderson)
    will buy autos but i don't know what they'r worth so u'll have to value them for me -
    i think 10c is a reasonable amount to pay per base so i think if we halve shipping on large lots it will be fair

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    Ill go through my cards and see what I have of 2000+ Cardinals. Ill also check for Garret Anderson for you. Ill try to get back to you later tonight.

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    I'll get a count on base from 2000 present also

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    thanks for all the interest regarding Cards base but really would prefer GU/auto/Anderson - i'll take some cards but i don't want millions

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    Well do you want me to hold off? Because I don't want to dig them out and have ya back out. Just let me know. Either way is cool

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    yh don't bother digging them out...
    u must have some GU though... i can raise the price slightly if you want

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