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Thread: peyton manning

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    peyton manning

    i have a rear rookie card of peyton manning i will try to post a pic of it on here looking to trade or sell thanks also the pic of him on the card is glass

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Could be interested in it....whats bv and who you looking for in trade for it?
    LMK Thx

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    I am interested in it too if you don't trade it to I first. I will give you around double BV$ for it also. PLMK, Thx...

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    bv is 40.00

    the bv is 40 on this card i am looking for bobby abreu rookies and other yankee rookies:new_uklia

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    Hey!!!! Just Wondering What Kinda $$ Ya Need to Sell....


    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!

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