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Thread: Colston contenders auto

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    Colston contenders auto

    Have a Colston conenders auto for trade. Had a couple of nice offers but both pulled out. Anyone else interested?

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    Check my page for it.....will trade in your favor. Send me a PM and LMK

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    I'd Also Like A Shot At It. Put Me In Line With The Rest. I Have Some Nice Stuff Incoming And Will Update My Site Asap

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    Hi all. Thanks for the responses. For the Colston I would only be looking for an auto (doesnt have to a contenders auto) of Matt Leinart, Vince Young, Jay Cutler, DeAngelo Williams, Frank Gore, Reggie Bush, Tomlinson, Larry Fitzgerald, Troy Aikman, or Emmitt Smith. Otherwise I will probably hang on to the Colston as his autos are fairly limited as he missed the 1st sets of the year. If anyone has something to offer from the above list feel free to shoot me a pm.
    Thanks again.

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