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Thread: anyone need this stuff?

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    anyone need this stuff?

    i broke a box of topps draft picks and prospects

    trading for maurice drew only or selling

    Marvin harrisson upper classmen

    drew olsen
    marc buldger
    anthony fasano rc
    ** laurence maroney rc
    plaxico buress
    matt schaub
    ben rothlesburgher
    ** willis mcgahhee silver refractor #ed to 299

    chrome rcs
    laurence maroney
    mathias kiwakuka
    dominique byrd
    drew olsen
    anthony fasano
    charlie whitehurst

    steven jackson X2
    samie parker
    jerome bettis
    julius jones
    antonio gates
    clinton portis
    charles rodgers
    kyle orton
    mark clayton
    troy williamson

    many base and many rcs just let me know what u need

    looking to trade this for maurice jones drew or selling

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    i can use the maroney refractor

    wats i book for?

    i have some celtics not on my site becuase i alsop collect them

    i can trade some cs for it

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