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Thread: Best Auto I can get for $40

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    Best Auto I can get for $40

    Whats the best Auto I can get for $40 Cash?

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    dude you still owe me a shawn bowman 05 bowman chrome auto. i bought it from you a year ago for 7$ and you said you had a hard time sending because of baseball practice....

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    Dude I thought I sent it to you cause I got rid of that along time ago. I know I sent it to you

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    well it never made it into my mailbox so im not sure hwat you want to do about it

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    That sucks... I thought that deal was done cause I very well remember sending it... I know this might sound a little nosey.. But why are you just now bringing it up cause I mean do you know how long ago that was I mean thats over a year ago. But Idk what to do about it its been so long ago since it happened.

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    to be honest this is the first time ive seen you around since then

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    WOW that is WOW... I have been on here alot since then.. Like I said I really don't know what to do from something that was almost 2 years ago.

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    well since you didnt answer my emails or pm's i suggest now would be a good time for a refund. and i wouldnt say youve been on here alot... you have 391 posts in almost 2 years... id say its pretty easy not to see you aournd on here

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    I'm sorry i'm not giving you anything after it has been two years... You should of said something sooner than now cause why should i have to wait till after two years to do something. You should learn to speak up sooner. Deal is Closed and has been closed for sometime. I hope you learn from this. Cause like I said I sent it and it shouldn't be my fault for something I sent that you never got. By the way last year I replied about getting my Verlanderd back I sent to you and you never replied to me so why should of I even bothered to talk to you about this.

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    jaybiddy--just a heads up, this "kid" gave me a runaround on beckett for months before he sent out the cards.....and by the way, he sent 2 autographs to me in a reguler white envelope...really surprised they made it to me. Probably waited like 2-3 months like he did me only yours never made it in the plain old white envelope...

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