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    Chris Webber

    Anyone else think C-Webb is a good pick up for the rest of the year? I still like C-Webb. It looks like he's going to Detroit according to ESPN. That might be a good fit for him.

    I wonder why New Jersey & San Antonio were not on C-Webb's short list. I think he could get some PT there, and a chance of going deep in the playoffs.
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    I heard San Antonio didn't want him because they're looking to get younger...not sure about New Jersey; they sure could use him, especially with Krstic being out. Nonetheless, Detroit should be a really good fit for him, if that's where he ends up signing.

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    Detroit would be a great fit for him, but would he be in the starting lineup, because Rasheed wallace plays PF, and so does C-Webb? I guess they could put Sheed at C, and Webber at PF. However, I think Detroit would be the best fit then probably New Jersey since Nenad Krstic is out.
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    I've never been very impressed by Webber as far as having a big impact with a team. When he joined Sacramento a few years ago, Sacramento still couldn't turn the corner into the NBA Finals--mainly because they couldn't get past the Lakers. Webber impresses me more as a whiner off and on the court. But a few teams (including the Lakers) are courting him so he does bring something to the party. As a lifelong Laker fan, I really would not be thrilled to see him in a Laker uni.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sHiNo
    Well I just hope he doesn't come to Chicago.
    yeah we already got BIG BEN....i read in the paper today hes goin to Detroit fo sho

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    I thought C-Webb was a good pick up when he came to my hometown too, Philly, BUST

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