Okay all of these are for trade. Also would consider sellling at cheap price.


04-05 Skybox Autographics Luke Walton Jersey/Auto
04-05 Topps Marks of Excellence Lamar Odom Auto

05-06 Spx Winning Combos Yao/McGradey Jersey
06-07 Lebron James Hardcourt Floor GF19
06-07 Ovation Kobe Bryant Jersey

87-88 Fleer Reggie Miller Rookie
88-89 Hoops SP David Robinson Rookie
92-93 Shaq Upper DECk #1 Pick RC BV$40 HTG
96-97 Fleer Ultra Decard Charles Barkley Reprint Rookie BV$20
96-97 Upper Deck Kobe Bryant RC
96-97 Sp Kobe Bryant RC
01-02 Stadium Club Parellel Rookie Gilbert Arenas BV$24
01-02 Topps Heritage Gilbert Arenas Rookoie
02-03 Topps Chrome Carlos Boozer Rookie
02-03 Topps Yao Ming Rookie
03-04 Topps Pristine Darko Miliic Rookie
03-04 Carmello Anthony MVP Rookie
03-04 Topps Carmello Anthony Topps Rookie
03-04 Bowman Luke Walton ROokie
03-04 Ultra Lucky 13 Gold Medallion T.J. Ford Rookie
03-04 Topps Lebron James Rookie
03-04 Skybox Autographics Rookies Affirmed Lebron/Kobe HTG HTG Insert
05-06 Topps 52 Style Monta Ellis Rookie
05-06 Topps 52 style Chris Paul Rookie
05-06 Topps Chrome MOnta Ellis Rookie
05-06 Topps Chrome Nate Robinson Rookie
05-06 Topps Andrew Bynum Rookoie
05-06 Finest Draft Redmption Refractor #13 (2)
05-06 Bowman Chris Paul Rookie
05-06 Bowman Chrome Andrew Bogut Rookie
06-07 Topps Adam Morrison Rookie

06 Topps Chrome Maurice Drew Rookie
06 Topps Chrome Jerious Norwood Rookie
06 Topps Chrome Michael Huff Rookie

87 Topps Barry Bonds RC
06 Topps Chrome Kenji Rookie