I've decided to steer my collection in a new direction so all the these GU cards are for SALE!!

only pay via paypal please - will also trade for G.Anderson and Cards

Adam Dunn Donruss Leather + Lumber 05 jersey (189/250)
Adam Dunn Fleer Sweet Sigs Ballpark Heroes 04 jersey
Adam Dunn and Austin Kearns Diamond Cuts 05 jersey (131/150)
Adam Everett Black Diamond 00 jersey
Adrian Beltre Classic Clippings 05 jersey (21/72)
Angel Berroa Bazooka Blasts 05 bat
Ben Sheets Flair Showcase 06 jersey
Bill Buckner Through the Years (1986) 02 jersey
Brian Giles Leaf Certified 04 bat (107/250)
Brian Giles Upper Deck Etchings 04 bat
Carlos Beltran Playoff Piece of the Game bat (08/50)
Craig Biggio Born in the USA 02 jersey
Darryl Strawberry Title Threads 05 bat
David DeJesus Spx05 jersey (003/199)
Edgar Martinez Stadium Club All Stars jersey 01 (0034/1200)
Gary Sheffield Diamond Cuts 03 jersey
Gary Sheffield Stars of '89 02 jersey
Hideo Nomo Honor Roll 03 jersey
Jose Vidro Diamond Futures 02 jersey
Juan Gonzalez Game time Lumber 01 bat
Kazuo Matsui 100 century leaf 04 jersey
Larry Walker Take me out to the Ball Game 04 jersey

wow who new typing would get so boring... i'll add the rest later
if u need GU of anyone not listed here ask and i might have
thanks, lettsylegend