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Thread: Random Sports Trivia #169

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    Random Sports Trivia #169

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    I am a UCLA alumni, class of 1996. This trivia is devoted to my alma mater!

    In 1993, UCLA played USC, with the winner going to the Rose Bowl. UCLA was leading 27-21 when USC and its QB Rob Johnson drove down the field in the last minutes of the game.

    In the waning seconds, a UCLA Bruins player intercepted Rob Johnson's pass in the end zone to preserve our victory and help us get to the Rose Bowl.

    Name that player.

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    Carson Palmer, this is hard, I even did a yahoo search, only found this guy whoever he is, just a guess

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    It was marvin goodwin. My guess was out of desperation :)

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    damn!!!! nice find!!

    I thought this would be a hard one!

    Didn't even take 3 freaking minutes!!!

    congrats to BBGIANTS

    200 CC coming your way in 1-2 days

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