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    Fielding offers on the PC HOF Autos. All Scans, no list

    I'm seeing what offers I get in trade for some of these. Each card pictured is a certified autograph of a football hall of famer. Some of them are the only certified autos they have.
    I'll have plenty more scans of non hof autos, gu'd, and rcs up in all sports in the next day or so.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Wow man you got some great stuff.. I wish I could make an offer on them

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    hey what are you wanting for the
    Montana au
    Brown au
    Elway au
    Young/Rice au

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    shockers-pm back at ya

    prophet-thanks bro

    stlcards-looking for a 1:1 trade on those. LMK what high end you have available.

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    atrain-nothing i could use for unitas at the moment.

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    Hey, any chance you have a Bart Starr auto? I'd really like one for the Packers PC. I have this to offer for one:

    #'d /90 BV $250

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