I have far too many B-BALL game used/autos stashed in my boxes for hockey and i am looking to sell a bulk load of them. minimum order is 25gu/autos. I dont have time to list every gu card cause that will take me forever. majority of these cards are gu but some are autos. I am trying to lessen inventory. i dont have time to list every card let me know how many u want and will ship u for that price
heres the prices. basically the more you buy the better deal you get.

25gu/autos $50dlvd
50gu/autos $85dlvd
100gu/autos $150dlvd
250gu/autos $325dlvd
500gu/autos $575dlvd
TRADE PAGE (WILL HAVE REGULAR UPDATES): http://s54.photobucket.com/albums/g109/RayLi33/

When listing items your interested off my page please try to include the players first and last name if possible and brand set etc... cause i have way too many cards there

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