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    I desperately need to move about 5000 base baseball

    Been going thru my collection the last 2 days and filled up a huge box and half of another box im thinking there is about 5000 or so.

    I really need to move these because 1) i am moving to Texas in May-June they arent moving with me 2) parents say they need to be out of the house.

    All i am asking is like .01 cent a piece which would be $50 plus shipping because of the mass amount which shipping i will not rip you i will go to the place find out the price and tell u exactly even sending the reciept to you.

    I can get a scan of the Boxe(s) so you can confer that it is about 5000 before you shell out $50 for base plus shipping.

    I could also trade for about $50 in BV as well.

    Please help me get rid of this base. It will be greatly appreciated.

    I will not break it up for certain teams/players you must buy the whole lot.

    The price(s) ARE NEGOCIABLE so please dont hesitate to ask me questions or counter offer.

  2. Kronozio
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    mostly 87-present

    and almost every brand like Topps, Fleer, Donruss, Bowman, etc.

    and to sell it to you more i have a bob allison card from a while back i can throw in.

    I hope that helps..

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    the shipping will be more then 50 dollars. the shipping will be outragous. you may want to split the shipping cost with the buyer man

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