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Thread: I need these cards.......

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    I need these cards.......

    I really need to trade for these rookies and autos:
    Miguel Cabrera
    R. Cano
    Prince Fielder
    Jeff Francouer
    David Wright
    J. Papelbon
    Ryan Howard
    Alex Rodriguez(1994 SP)
    Derek Jeter(1993 SP)
    Melky Cabrera(auto or 05 Bowman Chrome refractor or ect)

    I can trade from any sport.

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    i have a Ryan Howard/Justin Leone dual auto BV $60 i could sell you

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    I ahve a melky 2005 topps traded rc and a francouer alln ang inter gu. Coudl sell for paypal. plmk


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    2 for the melky and 9 for the francouer (books 15). plmk


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    Hey Hunter - I can use the following. Check the Bucket, and the trade list, as usual, lol. Let me know what you find. Thanks.

    Mauer/Liriano Dual
    B Webb Auto
    Gordon Bowman Chrome
    McCovey Auto
    Papelbon Chrome

    I know that these are PC, but I have some cards that you might REALLY want. If the Snider Auto is available, I need it too, lol.

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