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    Carson Palmer And Charles Rogers First Two Picks

    Me being a lions fan, am happy about getting rogers. i think the lions may be a competibale team this year. him and harrington will be great!

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    You have a lot more work to do, lol. You need a lot of defense, etc as well. I hope the Giants get someone good. My first 5 picks are correct!


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    Thank you! I thought next up was sackmaster Terrell Suggs. Jonathan Sullivan was picked. Yeah, I'm considering the trade, Thanks!


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    yea, the pick the Lions made sure make great sense. Their current receivers are not as good as they used to be, esp. Herman Moore

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    I was hearing Kyper say yesterday though that Lions were considering trading away that pic... I said outloud what are they smoking crack... too bad I was on a public bus and the old lady sitting next to me thought I was on crack.

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