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Thread: LTTF: Bowman Chrome Rookies

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    LTTF: Bowman Chrome Rookies

    Looking for Bowman Chrome Rookies from 03-06 draft classes. I am only looking for BC base rookies right now, no autos or paralles. Here is the deal i will not offer full book on these rookies as they are really not worth it, i will take a LOT of rookies and i really dont care who they are as long as they are rookies. I am willing to trade GU or Serial #'d cards only for them, so just pm me a # of rookies you have and what serial # or GU card you liked (or post here). If any questions just ask thanks and sorry for the long read.

    Only LOTS!
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    i have tons from 05-06...plmk im looking to get all iguodala cards...

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    i thought you wanted all chromes not just rookies...heres what i have....from the 2004-2005 Chrome Rookies: Kris Humphreys, Andreson Varejao, and Linel Chambers...have a lot of regular chrome too...plmk

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