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Thread: Lions PC~ Take a look~

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    Lions PC~ Take a look~

    Detroit Lions PC, NO BASE OR BASE ROOKIES INCLUDED, ONLY #ED, AUTOS/GAME USED:, Includes former/current Lions

    What ya think thus far??

    Personal Collection~

    Barry Sanders 96 Donruss Stop Action 3983/10000 bv$12
    Barry Sanders 96 Donruss Hit List 5757/10000 bv$10
    Barry Sanders 97 Edge Masters Night Games 1223/1500 bv$25
    Barry Sanders 97 Donruss Preferred Chain Reaction 2007/3000 bv$20
    Barry Sanders 97 Donruss Elite "Elite Silver Series" 4657/5000 bv$12
    Barry Sanders 97 Pinnacle Totally Certified Mirror Blue 1836/2499 bv$40
    Barry Sanders 98 Leaf Rcs & Stars Great American Heroes 2467/2500 bv$8
    Barry Sanders 98 Leaf Rcs & Stars Standing Ovations 1815/5000 bv$5
    Barry Sanders 98 UD Black Diamond White Onyx 1435/2250 bv$15
    Barry Sanders 98 UD SPX Finite "Extreme Talent" 6848/7200
    Barry Sanders 98 UD SPX Finite "Playmakers" 1212/1375
    Barry Sanders 99 Edge Supreme Markers 3933/5000 bv$10
    Barry Sanders 99 Donruss Elite Power Formulas 2841/3500 bv$10
    Barry Sanders 99 Upper Deck Retro New School/Old School 0983/1000 bv$15
    Barry Sanders 00 Donruss Dominators 1535/5000
    Barry Sanders 01 Donruss Elite Title Waves 0608/1997 bv$3
    Barry Sanders 02 Donruss All Time Gridiron Kings 0815/2000 bv$6
    Barry Sanders 02 Donruss Elite Series Legend 1322/1500
    Barry Sanders 02 Donruss Gridiron Kings 1894 Mini 0205/1000 bv$15
    Barry Sanders 04 Donruss Classics Legendary Players 0974/1000 bv$8
    Barry Sanders 04 Donruss Elite Career Best 0424/1650 bv$6
    Barry Sanders 04 Playoff Contenders Legendary Contenders Orange 1612/2000bv$8
    Barry Sanders 04 UD Sweet Spot Gold Parallel 19/50 bv$25
    Barry Sanders 05 Donruss Classics Legendary Players 0135/1000 bv$6
    Barry Sanders 05 Donruss Classics Legend 0926/1000 bv$6
    Barry Sanders 05 UD Legends "Legends of the Hall 0838/1025 bv$8
    Kevin Jones 04 Fleer Genuine RC 420/500
    Kevin Jones 05 Donruss Elite Career Best 058/500
    Kevin Jones 05 Donruss Gridiron Gear Silver Holofoil 067/250
    Kevin Jones 05 LCM Certified Skills 125/750
    Kevin Jones 05 LCM Certified Potential Mirror Red 032/250
    Kevin Jones 05 Leaf Limited 584/599
    Kevin Jones 05 Leaf Rcs & Stars Slideshow 0863/1250
    Kevin Jones 05 Zenith Epix 1st Down Black 62/100
    Kevin Jones 05 Zenith Epix 1st Down Purple 249/500
    Kevin Jones 05 Zenith Epix 3rd Down Orange 050/400
    Kevin Jones 06 Donruss Elite Zoning Commission 256/500
    Kevin Jones 06 LCM Certified Potential 400/500
    Roy Williams 06 Playoff Prestige Xtra Points Purple 39/75
    Roy Williams 06 Donruss Gridiron Gear X's 096/100
    Roy Williams 06 Donruss Gridiron Gear Player Timeline 281/500
    Roy Williams 05 Donruss Throwback Threads "Green Parallel" 077/175
    Roy Williams 05 Finest Blue Refractor 056/299
    Roy Williams 05 LCM Certified Potential 557/750
    Roy Williams 05 Leaf Limited "Spotlight" 27/50
    Roy Williams 05 Leaf Rcs & Stars Longevity True Blue 86/99
    Roy Williams 05 Playoff Honors Accolades 609/699
    Roy Williams 05 UD Rookie Debut "Gold Parallel" 147/150
    Roy Williams 05 UD Rookie Debut "Gold Spectrum" 02/50
    Charlie Batch 99 Pacific Prism Holo Gold 372/480
    Charlie Batch 00 Topps Gold Label "Premium" 0920/1000
    Charlie Batch 01 LCM Mirror Red 28/75
    Charlie Batch 01 Pacific Dynagon Premiere Date 087/135
    Mike McMahon 01 Crown Royal Rookie Royalty 1184/1250
    Mike McMahon 01 Playoff Preferred Rookie 0148/1100
    Mike McMahon 01 Vanguard V-Team Rookies 429/999
    Mike McMahon 02 Bowman Chrome Refractor 335/500
    Dan Orlovsky 05 Donruss Classics Rookie 0883/1499
    Dan Orlovsky 05 Playoff Honors Rookie 123/699
    Dan Orlovsky 05 UD Rookie Debut "Parallel" 12/50
    Brian Calhoun 06 Hot Prospects "Prospectus" RC 124/299
    Brian Calhoun 06 Score Select Hot Rookie Scorecard 117/125
    James Stewart 00 Fleer Focus "Draft Position" 047/119
    James Stewart 00 Playoff Prestige Spectrum 018/100
    James Stewart 01 Fleer Focus "Focus Numbers" 156/339
    James Stewart 02 Bowman "Silver Parallel" 246/250
    Reuben Droughns 99 Fleer Focus Rookie 0073/2499
    Herman Moore 99 Bowmans Best Refractor 288/400
    Herman Moore 99 Edge Masters Bronze 0467/1000
    Herman Moore 99 Edge Triumph K-Club 0024/1000
    Herman Moore 00 Pacific Prism Prospects "Silver" 45/75
    Johnnie Morton 97 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems 065/150
    Johnnie Morton 99 Playoff Prestige SSD Purple 310/500
    Johnnie Morton 01 Quantum Leaf Infinity Red 09/50
    Johnnie Morton 01 Vanguard Blue Parallel 266/299
    Johnnie Morton 01 Vanguard Red Parallel 25/87
    Johnnie Morton 02 Score Final Score 045/100
    German Crowell 00 Edge T3 HoloRed 48/50
    German Crowell 01 Private Stock Titanium Premiere Date 82/99 (Jersey #)
    German Crowell 02 Bowman Chrome Xfractor 239/250
    German Crowell 03 Score Scorecard 359/500
    German Crowell 03 Topps Chrome Xfractor Uncirculated 045/101
    Az-Zahir Hakim 99 Omega Premiere Date 34/60
    Az-Zahir Hakim 03 Playoff Absolute Mem Spectrum 142/150
    Eddie Drummond 02 Bowman Chrome Refractor Rookie 466/500
    Eddie Drummond 02 Playoff Honors Rookie 0564/1000
    Desmond Howard 02 Fleer Maximum Gold Parallel 091/250
    Casey Fitzsimmons 03 SP Signature Edition Rookie 169/750
    Boss Bailey 03 SP Authentic Rookie 1852/2200
    Boss Bailey 03 UD Finite Level One Rookie 540/999
    Boss Bailey 03 Fleer Snapshot Rookie 165/500
    Shaun Cody 05 Donruss Classics Rookie 1542/1999
    Shaun Cody 05 Playoff Honors O's Rookie 39/99
    Shaun Cody 05 UD SPX SPxciting Rookie 0153/1199
    Bill Swancutt 05 UD Rookie Debut Gold Parallel 036/100
    Bill Swancuut 05 UD Reflections Rookie 613/699
    Ernie Sims 06 Donruss Gridiron Gear Rookie 472/599
    Ernie Sims 06 Donruss Throwback Threads Rookie 033/250
    Ernie Sims 06 Playoff Absolute Mem. Spectrum Rookie 044/100
    Ernie Sims 06 Topps DP&P Chrome Bronze Rookie 002/499
    Shaun Rogers 01 Playoff Preferred National Treasures Rookie 154/275
    Corey Redding 03 Donruss Classics Rookie 435/900
    Robert Porcher 02 Fleer Maximum Gold Parallel 043/250
    Teddy Lehman 04 Playoff Contenders Rookie Round-Up 274/375
    Stephen Boyd 99 Upperdeck UD Exlcusives 048/100
    Dre Bly 99 Edge Masters Holosilver Rookie 0300/3500
    Keith Smith 04 Topps Chrome Uncirculated Xfractor 217/279
    Keith Smith 04 Skybox LE Gold Diecut Rookie 064/150
    Stanley Wilson 05 Leaf Rcs & Stars Longevity Emerald Rookie 82/99
    Mike McMahon/James Stewart 01 Score Select Future Franchise 542/550
    Roy Williams/Reggie Williams 04 Playoff Contenders Round Numbers 656/750
    Kevin Jones/Joey Harrington/Roy Williams 05 Donruss Elite "Elite Teams" 056/250

    Kevin Jones 04 LCM Freshman Fabric (blue swatch) 0523/1250
    Kevin Jones 04 Leaf RCS & Stars Longevity Ruby Patch (grey patch) 24/99
    Kevin Jones 04 Leaf RCS & Stars Freshman Orientation (blue swatch) 480/500
    Kevin Jones 04 Playoff Absolute Mem. Rookie Premiere Materials (blue swatch/ball) 748/750
    Kevin Jones 04 Playoff Hogg Heaven Rookie Premiere Hoggs (blue swatch) 437/750
    Kevin Jones 04 Skybox L.E. Future Legends Jersey Copper (blue swatch) 07/50
    Kevin Jones 04 Topps Pristine "Pristine Gems" Patch (black swatch)
    Kevin Jones 04 UD SPX Rookie Swatch Supremacy (white swatch)
    Kevin Jones 04 UD Foundations Rookie Foundations Jersey (white swatch) 0374/1299
    Kevin Jones 04 UD Reflections Focus on the Future (blue swatch)
    Kevin Jones 05 Donruss Elite Career Best (blue swatch) 068/175
    Kevin Jones 05 Donruss Elite “Elite Series” (blue swatch) 068/199
    Kevin Jones 05 Donruss Gridiron Gear Game Worn Jersey Number (black patch) 31/35
    Kevin Jones 05 LCM Mirror White (white swatch) 163/175
    Kevin Jones 05 LCM Mirror Red (blue swatch) 059/100
    Kevin Jones 05 Leaf Limited "Limited Threads" Prime (grey swatch) 44/50
    Kevin Jones 05 Playoff Absolute Mem Tools of the Trade (white swatch) 43/50
    Kevin Jones 05 Upperdeck UD Game Jersey (white swatch)
    Kevin Jones 05 Upperdeck Ultimate Coll. Game Jersey (blue swatch) 46/99
    Kevin Jones 05 Zenith Team Zenith Jersey (blue swatch) 010/100
    Kevin Jones 06 Gridiron Gear Jerseys (white swatch) 028/125
    Kevin Jones 06 Gridiron Gear Player Timelines V-Tech Jersey (purple swatch) 107/200
    Kevin Jones 06 Gridiron Gear Next Generation (white swatch) 145/250
    Roy Williams 04 SAGE Authentic Jersey Patch (white/orange swatch) 42/50
    Roy Williams 04 SAGE HIT Authentic Jersey (orange swatch)
    Roy Williams 04 LCM Freshman Fabric (blue swatch) 786/1250
    Roy Williams 04 LCM Freshman Fabric Mirror Red (blue swatch/ball) 101/150
    Roy Williams 04 Leaf RCS & Stars Game Worn Jersey (blue swatch) 544/750
    Roy Williams 04 Topps Pristine Rookie Revolution (blue swatch)
    Roy Williams 04 UD Foundations Rookie Jersey (white swatch) 0911/1299
    Roy Williams 04 UD Sweet Spot Sweet Swatches (white swatch)
    Roy Williams 05 Donruss Throwback Threads Game Jersey (blue swatch)
    Roy Williams 05 UD SPX Swatch Supremacy (white swatch)
    Roy Williams 05 Ultra "All-Ultra Team" (blue swatch)
    Roy Williams 06 Donruss Throwback Threads Game Used Jersey (blue swatch) 226/244
    Roy Williams 06 LCM Certified Skills Jersey (white swatch) 086/100
    Roy Williams 06 LCM Fabric of the Game Prime 3 CLR (blue/white/silver swatch) 21/25
    Roy Williams 06 Leaf Limited Player Threads Dual Jersey (orange/white swatch) 090/100
    Roy Williams 06 Leaf Rcs & Stars Gold Materials Jersey (blue swatch)
    Brian Calhoun 06 Bowman Fabric of the Future Jersey 2 CLR (black/blue swatch)
    Brian Calhoun 06 LCM Freshman Fabric Mirror Red (blue swatch/ball) 069/150
    Charlie Batch 01 Playoff Absolute Mem. Boss Hoggs Game Worn Shoe (blue swatch) 006/125
    Charlie Batch 01 Private Stock Patch Variation (blue/silver/white swatch) 162/250
    Charlie Batch 01 LCM Fabric of the Game (white swatch) 119/221
    Charlie Batch 01 Score Franchise Fabrics (blue swatch)
    Charlie Batch 02 LCM Mirror Blue (white swatch) 05/50
    Charlie Batch 02 Atomic Game Worn Jersey (blue swatch)
    Mike McMahon 01 Bowman Senior Bowl Jersey (white swatch)
    Mike McMahon 02 Pacific Game Worn Jersey (blue swatch)
    Germane Crowell 01 Fleer Legacy NFL Game Issue 1st Quarter (blue swatch)
    Germane Crowell 02 Donruss Classics New Millennium Classics (white swatch) 350/500
    Germane Crowell 02 Fleer Authentix Jersey Authentix (blue swatch)
    Germane Crowell 02 LCM Mirror Red (white swatch) 067/100
    Herman Moore 99 Skybox Premium Genuine Coverage (blue swatch) 219/400
    Herman Moore 01 Atomic Prism Patch Variation (silver/blue swatch)
    Barry Sanders 01 Donruss Classics Hashmarks Game Used Turf (Three Rivers Stadium)
    Barry Sanders 01 Topps Archives Reserve Reprint Relic (white swatch) BV$30
    Barry Sanders 03 Leaf Limited "Limited Threads (white swatch) 063/100 BV$30
    Barry Sanders 05 Playoff Absolute Mem. Star Gazing Jersey Prime (white swatch) 067/150 BV$40
    Barry Sanders 05 Playoff Prestige Turning Pro Dual Jerseys (orange & blue swatch) 066/250 BV$40
    Barry Sanders/Kevin Jones 05 Leaf Limited Bound by Round (3CLR blue/silver/white & blue mesh) 29/75 bv$40
    Barry Sanders/Vernand Morency 05 UD Reflections Cut from the Same Cloth Dual (blue swatches)
    Barry Sanders 05 UD Ultimate Collection "Ultimate Game Jersey" (blue swatch) 20/99 Jersey #!!! bv$30
    Barry Sanders 06 Donruss Classics Saturday Stars OSU Jersey (orange swatch) 248/250
    Doak Walker 06 LCM Fabric of the Game "Prime" Patch (grey patch) 09/15!!!
    Dan Orlovsky 05 UD Rookie Debut Saturday Swatches (white swatch)
    James Stewart 01 Atomic Prism Authentic Game Worn Patch Variation (blue/silver/white swatch)
    James Stewart 03 LCM Certified Skills (white swatch) 012/100
    Keith Smith 04 Bazooka Rookie RoundUp (red swatch)
    Corey Schlesinger 02 Playoff Piece of the Game 1st Down (blue swatch) 234/250
    Az-Zahir Hakim 01 SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabric (gold swatch)
    Robert Porcher 00 Topps Stars All-Pro Pro Bowl Jersey (white swatch)
    Josh McCown 02 Playoff Absolute Mem Rookie Premiere Materials (red swatch/ball) 791/825
    Josh McCown 05 Donruss Gridiron Gear Next Generation Jersey Number 2 CLR Patch (red /white stitching) 12/75 (Jersey #!!!)
    Roy Williams/Kevin Jones 05 Playoff Honors Class Reunion (blue/white swatches) 121/150
    Roy Williams/Kevin Jones 04 Playoff Honors Rookie Tandems (blue/blue swatches)
    Charlie Batch/Herman Moore 01 Upperdeck Teammates (white/grey/blue swatches)
    Herman Moore/Johnnie Morton 01 Vanguard Double-Sided Jerseys (blue/white swatches)
    Germane Crowell/Herman Moore 01 Private Stock Titanium Double-Sided Jerseys(blue/grey/white swatches)
    Charlie Batch/Johnnie Morton/James Stewart 01 Impressions Triple Threads (blue/white/silver swatches)

    Barry Sanders 00 Donruss Preferred QBC Pen Pals (Print Run 50!) bv$120
    Kevin Jones 04 UD Reflections Signature Reflections
    Brian Calhoun 06 UD SPX Auto Rookie Jersey (blue swatch) 1363/1650
    Roy Williams 05 Playoff Absolute Mem. Star Gazing Authentic Game Worn Jersey Prime/Auto (silver/black/white swatch) 027/150
    Shaun Cody 05 Leaf Rcs & Stars Authentic Signature 049/150
    Ernie Sims 06 Press Pass Bronze Auto
    Keith Smith 04 Press Pass Authentics
    Boss Bailey 03 Bowmans Best Certified Auto Issue
    Az-Zahir Hakim 03 SP Signature Edition "Signature"
    Kalimba Edwards 02 SP Authentic Signed Rookie Authentics 1123/1150
    Josh McCown 02 UD SPX GU/Auto (red swatch) 520/999
    Dominic Raiola 01 Press Pass Authentics
    Shaun Rogers 01 Playoff Preferred "Preferred Sigs" Bronze
    Charlie Batch 99 SP Authentic 104/285
    Brett Perriman 95 Proline Authentic Auto 1035/1380

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    Its too small :P

    Very impressive... Lets hope it keeps growing

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    Very nice, hope my buccs collection is that nice some day. how long have you been working on it?

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