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Thread: Bored! Updated tradelist!!!!1

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    Bored! Updated tradelist!!!!1

    Have several things incoming as well.

    LMK what you can use and what you got.
    Thanks, Paul

    Can really use Ray Allen AUTO's

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i could really use some iggy base...nice rookies, autos, gu's...ive got a ton of crap i need to move

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    I have no Iggy stuff.
    He's on the top of my list as well.

    Anyone else?

    Actually tried to win these Iggy cards.
    Wasn't meant to be though.
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    Things have been added in all three pages.

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    For some reason that has been my only card that has gooen interest.
    I just don't know why.
    I would be interested in that Triple JSY though.
    LMK what else you could throw in.
    Thanks, Paul

    I might keep that one for now though.

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    2003-04 Skybox L.E. Rare Form Josh Howard RC Auto #303/880 $15.00

    05-06 Topps First Row Signature Swish Jarrett Jack RC Auto #30/190 $10.00

    2005 UD Hardcourt AUTO Maurice Williams. BV $10.00

    2000 Fleer AUTOgraphics RC AUTO Michael Redd. BV $15.00

    can use any of these plz check my site and lmk if you need anything.

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    Check this crazy sale out.

    Card only books $40, that is why beckett stinks.

    PM have been sent

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