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    Anyone interested in these two 1/1s? Rams/Bengals

    I got these off ebay for some traid bait...I have no idea what trade I should get from them, so make me an offer...

    I know they arent the greatest players on earth, but Im not looking for much in trade, and for team collectors theyre really cool. (I got a Marcus Nash - HAHA)

    They are both "in transit" - so according to the new rules I cant officially trade them untill I get them (which is fine) I just am wanting to see some interest.

    I want: BRONCOS! LMK what you have, ill take anything (AU/GU/#d/RC/Commons)

    1. 98 Pinnacle Tony Banks

    2. 98 Pinnacle Jeff Blake

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Some of the High end players sale for $60-80 and the lower end ones $30-40, if that helps.

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    Come on team collectors, where are you?

    Make me an offer on these! Im not looking for much, and the least I can do is counter offer...

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