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Thread: 2 boxes SPX, 1 box GOTG

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    2 boxes SPX, 1 box GOTG

    Just received these and couldn't wait to open them. I just recently got back into collecting and figured that I might as well start it by busting some boxes. Anyway, here are the results:

    SPX Box 1

    Winning Combo Wagner/Snow
    Winning Combo Ridnour/Radmonovic
    Winning Materials Amare
    Ike Diogu RC /1499
    Fabricio Oberto RC /1499
    Antoine Wright SPXcitement rookies /1999
    Dwight Howard SPXcitement Veterans /999
    Gerald Green Auto RC /1499

    SPX Box 2

    Winning Combo Kidd/Jefferson
    Winning Materials Carmelo Anthony
    Von Wafer RC /1499
    Q. Richardson SPXcitement veterans /999
    Gerald Green SPXcitement rookies /1999
    Deron Williams SPXcitement rookies Spectrum /99
    Deron Williams Auto RC /750

    Mark Eaton Auto
    Michael Ray Richardson Auto
    Adrian Dantley /99

    I don't think I did too bad on the SPX but the GOTG really hurt. I admit that I was somewhat disappointed by that box, but oh well. In all honesty, I don't know much about the current state of the hobby, so feel free to comment on how I did on this break.

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    Not bad on SPx, especially on Box 2. I'm not too familiar with Greats of the Game, but I can't see Mark Eaton or Michael Ray Richardson autos bringing in too much, unfortunately.

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    Seems like nice boxes on the SPx.. You got 2 of the higher value rookies in that class..

    BV$50 on the Green, BV$75 on the Williams (both have jersey swatches too right?)

    The GOTG is kinda ugly yeah :( I was about to be excited since I'm trying to collect the set of veteran autos but I actually have both of those either with me or coming in the mail soon.

    My one tip is to sell the Dantley on ebay.. It will probably pull in a couple bucks for you (which is nothing, granted, but you will be hard pressed to move it otherwise). I've noticed some people are trying to complete a set of the /99 parallels, and they usually sell for around a buck + $2 shipping = ~$3 for no names, to as high as $25?? for a Clyde Drexler recently.. There's a chance that your Dantley might incite a bidding war, so it's worth a shot.

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    Nice job on both SPx boxes! The GOTG wasn't too good, but the SPx definitely made up for it. Congrats!

    BTW, I need this... Winning Materials Amare
    Please check my site, and lmk if you like anything. Thanks!

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    Great SPx break!!! Congrats on that but sorry about the GOTG break...
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    nice break, especially with SPx box #2 having a Deron auto

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    you putting these up for trade???? the deron williams cards

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    Tradebark - Thanks for the tip

    RenegadeLonghorn - Sorry, didn't see anything I need

    phoenixsunsfan1 - pm sent

    All - Thanks for all the comments. I am trying to collect Korver, Chuck Hayes, and Ricky Minard. So, if you have any cards of these players, please pm me with offers.

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