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    My Project Ia Almost Complete Have You Seen The C?

    Ok Guys I need the C in Cutler from Hot Prospects in finish my project!! I have enclosed a scan of the 5 I have just to show off I guess!!

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  2. Kronozio
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    hey nice set, whats with the "R", is it a special version?

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    Nice job so far! ^^^ Why is the R blue, intstead of white? Just curious. Congrats!

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    well the R is the red hot version! I have yet to see a regular /175 R any where

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    SHOW OFF!!! hahahaha j/k, I'll keep an eye out for the C and a regular R if you want and you'll be the first to know!

    NICE SET MAN! I'm jealous!

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    Thanks my friend its something i needed to do today to help my spirits!! Yeah if you see a regular R or a C let me know i couldnt pass the red hot up at the price i got it at!! Thanks for the complement but unlike you my project isnt complete :(

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    yeah but unlike you my project was ALOT cheaper!!! I wish I could have gone for the Cutler set, that would have been sweeet!

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    This is very true lol!! I traded for 2 of them bought the other 3 hell i got the red hot /25 for as much as the regular version sells for so i figured why not its an R lol!!

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    well it is very sweet man that's for sure!! and should be worth every penny spent for a long time to come!

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    Pretty sick man!! Are you going to try and sell as a whole set, or is it for the PC??

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