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Thread: 05-06 fleer gotg

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    05-06 fleer gotg

    average break...

    Jamaal Wilkes
    Bill Sharman

    Future Greats-
    Donell Taylor /25

    all three hits came in the first six packs i opened, so i went through the rest hoping for a rookie auto but came up empty.

    completed auctions show each going about $6-8 (although the Donell Taylor was 25/25). anybody interested?... otherwise the bay...

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Tough break :(

    Gold non auto rookie kinda sucks considering how hot even the no-name rc autos are from that set lately

    I would be interested but I have both of those coming to me soon! Good luck with your sales! They might pull around $10 since it seems a lot of people are trying to put the set together lately

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