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    Thumbs up Topps 52 Style box break....MOJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    probably have the entire set by now...

    primoz brezec chrome
    keith van horn chrome
    kenyon martin chrome
    steve francis refractor
    andrew bogut blue refractor rc!

    slava medvedenko
    moochie norris
    stacey augmon

    fan favorites autos:
    ollie taylor

    and the mojo is...

    Dwyane Wade Dual Autograph Redemption!!!!!! odds - 1:7,704 packs!

    that saved the box, and I am stoked!!!

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  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    DWade dual auto...sp gu case coming soon...God must love you...but I don't....

    Congratulations man, hope the good luck continues for you

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    Congrats!!! Who doesn't want a Wade auto? : )

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    That is awesome man.
    My friend just pulled a Bill Bradley AUTo last week.
    Sold it for $150.

    I think you should trade the Wade AUTO redemption to me, I know you want to.

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    ::::Update:::: i am trying to complete the set! i need these cards:

    #5 jason terry
    #10 chris mihm
    #11 shane battier
    #12 speedy claxton
    #29 tim duncan
    #43 keith van horn
    #59 darius miles
    #72 kenyon martin
    #76 josh smith
    #80 wally szczerbiak

    lmk if you have these...thanks!

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    do you know if it is with another player? it doesnt really specify, and i wanna know if it is with another player or like two wade autos (which would be kinda pointless).

    (also i posted a picture of the highlights of this box)
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    on the pack it lists it as a wade/artist dual auto, and maybe since they are wade comic cards, it is also signed by the artist of the comic? i dont know, i just hope its not jay-z lol

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