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    Value these Cards? 22 GU Cards, #ed too

    Look Pretty Decent.....Need to know how much i should be paying....


    Chris Bosh 04/05 E-XL Court Authentics Patch #18/70

    4x GU From Topps Luxury Box Includes- Emeka Okafor, Rip Hamilton, Ray Allen, And Ben Gordon and is #24/25!

    6X GU From Topps Luxury Box Divisions Set card contains GU from- (Vince Carter, Teyshaun Prince, Antoine Walker), (Kevin Garnett, Lamar Odom, and Manu Ginobli #89/192 )

    Yao Ming/Tracy McGrady- 05/06 SPX Winning Combos Dual GU

    Tracy Mcgrady- 01/02 Fleer Genuine Prime Time Players GU

    Jermaine Oneal/Jamal Tinsley- 05/06 SPX Winning Combos Dual GU

    4x GU From Topps Luxury Box Cavaliers Team Card Contains GU from- Larry

    Hughs, Anerson Varejao, Like Jackson, Drew Gooden #136/193

    Allen Iverson 03/04 Topps Matrix GU

    Jason Kidd- 2004 Topps Chrome Game Time Gear GU

    Elton Brand- 2005 SPX Winning Combos Dual GU

    Paul Peirce- 2004 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Sweet Swatches

    Michael Redd- 2004 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics

    Jermaine Oneal- 2004 Topps GU With a pinstripe

    Vince Carter- 00/01 Fleer Northern Lights GU Court

    Kirk Hinrich 04/05 Topps Prestine Winning Wardrobe

    TJ ford 05/06 Bowman Elevation GU #74/79

    Mike Bibby- 2004 SP Game Used Jersey

    Stephon Marbury- 2001 Fleer Floor Genrals GU Floor

    Stephon Marbury- 05/06 Trilogy Cutting Edge GU

    Jameer Nelson- 2004 Sweet Shot Jersy

    Ike Diogu- 05/06 Luxury Box One Man Show #176/225

    Shareef Abdur-Rahim 2003 Fller Hot Shots In Fuego #127/150

    Are we looking at over 50?

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    not even close

    you have to realize that jerseys dont sell at all most of the time

    exceptions are the big names (jordan/kobe/lebron) and older sets (late 90's-01).. Otherwise you're basically looking at stuff that typically sells for under a dollar+shipping on ebay.

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