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Thread: Box break

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    Box break

    bowman draft picks box

    blaster 8 packs 5 cards a pack

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    pack 1
    Marcus Vinicius
    Ron Artest chrome
    Jim Calhoun
    will blalock rookie
    Rodney Carney rookie

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    pack 2
    Shane Battier
    Richard Hamilton :)
    Zydrunas Ilgauskas
    Jameer Nelson chrome
    Renaldo Balkman rookie

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    Pack 3
    pau gasol
    Andre miller
    Wally szezerbiak
    al harrington chrome
    Maurice Ager rookie :)

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    pack 4
    Jason Richardson
    Darius Miles
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Brad Miller chrome
    P.J. Tucker rookie

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    pack 5
    Ike diogu
    Carlos (Boo)zer
    Nenad Krstic
    amare chrome
    Ronnie Brewer rookie

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    pack 6
    Richard Jefferson
    Jermaine O'Neal
    Sergio Rodriguez rookie
    Saer Sene rooke
    Ricky Davis insert /379
    no chrome

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    pack 7
    David West
    Shaquille O'neal
    Mike Miller chrome
    Tony Parker chrome
    Rudy Gay rookie

    2 chrome :)

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    Pack 8

    OOO im looking down i see a thick card so well look at the back of the cards

    1st card
    Richard Jefferson chrome
    bobby Simmons
    cool Josh boone white jersey bowman relics
    last card


    I dont know much about other teams besides the pistons but i got this

    Jordan Farmar bowman chrome rookie autograph card

    In the same pack i recieved a Gu and a Au

    not bad My mom bought me this blaster at Meijer because i ran errons with her

    i had three boxes

    bowman football
    topps football
    and this

    I asked her what she would get she picked football so i said okay then ill get the bkball

    Lmk what cards are good as i dont know much basketball thanks

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