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Thread: Looking for Matt Schaub UVA

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    Looking for Matt Schaub UVA

    I'm never in the football forum and I have very little to trade in FB, but I'm looking for all '04 Schaub RCs/AU/GU except Press Pass, etc.

    Let me know by pm what you have.


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I have this Helmet Patch RC sell for $8 cash or money order.

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    i've got a few autos. i like your homer bailey auto. what does that book for?

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    bgt- Not looking to buy right now.

    gretzky- I think it's $20, but don't quote me... I'll double check.

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    I could use this....although I just noticed it says NFT. I could also use your Garza Xfractor Auto.

    2005 Donruss Gridiron Gear Performers Jerseys Jumbo Swatch Prime 25 Jerry Rice/50 4CLRS! 6 CLR BREAK!! NFT!!!!

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    lmk when you find out. i'm pretty sure i have a similarly valued schaub auto.

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    sportsguyryan- please check my tradelist for anything you might like.
    gretzky- only books $10.

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    2005-06 Topps Style Hardwood Classics KB Kobe Bryant (Powder Blue Throwback Jsy)
    1992-93 Hoops 442 Shaquille O'Neal
    1992-93 SkyBox 382 Shaquille O'Neal SP
    1996-97 Upper Deck 58 Kobe Bryant

    Didn't see much in the range, but if you do have some Topps/Topps Chrome RC's I'd be interested if they are decent.

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