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Thread: 06-07 Turkey Red Basketball

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    06-07 Turkey Red Basketball

    I bought 2 blaster boxes from Target:

    Pulled some nice rookies and these 2 GU

    Kobe Bryant
    Allen Iverson Black (#9/10)

    I will probably go for the set, so if you have any to trade let me know


  2. Kronozio
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    congrats on the g/u's! any scans?
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    Ducks and Dodgers please.

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    Not yet....My digital camera is messed up, but im trying to get it fixed

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    What do these cards look like? There has been so little hype for all of the Topps products that I didn't even realize these were live yet. Do they look nice? Are there good odds?

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    if you got kobe and iverson GU cards from retail, i'd say thats an awesome break! nice!

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    Nice break! 2 GU in 2 retail boxes is extremely good. Especially, since they are both superstar GU. Congrats!

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    Thanks Everyone...I let my son pick the boxes, and he usually does very well

    Any Idea on the BV for the Iverson /10?

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    The BV of it is N/A right now, because Turkey Red's pricing hasn't been released yet. I would guess the BV would be about $50 IMO. However, I'm pretty sure beckett doesn't give BVs to cards #/25 or less.

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