15 total GU. Looking for $22

2004 Bowman Franklin Gutierrez Futures game jersey-$10
2003 Upper Deck Deans List Honor Roll Troy Glaus game used jersey-$8
2000 Upper Deck Origins Hideo Nomo Game used Jersey-$10
2003 Bowman Andy Marte Futures jersey relics-$10 ( x2)
2002 Bowman Mike Williams jersey-$8
2002 Leaf Certified Materials Mike Williams football #Ed to 250-$15
2002 Bowmans Best Julius Peppers rc jersey #ed to 399-$20
2001-2002 Darius Miles hardcourt Imagery floor card--$15
2002-2003 Elton Brand Fleer Athentix jersey-$15
2001-2002 Fleer Force Inside Game Darius Miles jersey #ed to 399-$12
2002-2003 Fleer Darius Miles/Elton Brand Flair Court Kings jersey #ed to 250-$30
2001-2002 Elton Brand Trading Places jerseys-$15
2001-2001 Darius Miles Fleer Tradition Glossy Traditional Threads-$12
2002-2003 Upper Deck Flight Team jersey Darius Miles-$12