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Thread: Any one seen this card

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    Any one seen this card

    its a 2006 Aspire Reggie Bush card, similar to card #1 of Reggie Bush, the pic is very similar, but instead of USC Trojans on front(lower left) is has his name in that area, and 1/2 way down it has a black box approximately 1 inch in length that says rookie card. Back is same as #1 bush card but has 5/5. U haven/t heard anymention anywhere or place about this card any help would be appreciated

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    i have 2 of those and 2 of matt lienart with a card # of 1/5 i do not know anything about them either though so i would like an answer.

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    is ur bush 5/5 or what numbers, i have looked everywhere i can think, no one knows anything about these cards....hmmmmm

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    its not serial # the cards number is 5 in a set of five i think because i have 2 of each the bush and lienart and they just say 1/5 and 5/5 on both i have for each. if you want let me know you email and i can send some scans. if you find anything out about them let me know.

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