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    Tracy McGrady UD Authentics GOLD BV $30 For Trade

    I have a Tracy McGrady 02-03 UD Authentics GOLD #59 /250 BV $30 for trade. I am ONLY looking to trade. I am interested in trading for Game Used cards that catch my eye in BB, BKB, & FB. If interested please let me know what Game Used you have available for trade or make an offer. Thank you for your time!

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I have an interest in the following cards. LMK Thanks

    Carmelo Anthony Rookie Devut Jersey $10
    Gilbert Arenas Bowman Relics Jersey $8
    Josh Howard Upper Deck Jersey $6
    Jameer Nelson/Delonte West Game Breakers Jersey $15
    Gilbert Arenas/Antawn Jamison Winning Combos Jersey $10
    Dirk Nowitzki/Jason Terry Assist Jersey $!2

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    i only have the gilbert,nelson/west and dirk/terry left
    the dirk/terry is 20 not 12

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    How about one of the following packages for the McGrady Gold BV $30. LMK Thanks

    West/Nelson Dual Jersey $15
    Ming Winning Materials Dual Jersey $15


    Arenas Bowman Relics Jersey $8
    Garnett Hot Tickets Jersey $10
    Garnett Sportscenter Swatches Jersey $10

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    West/Nelson Dual Jersey $15
    Ming Winning Materials Dual Jersey $15

    is ok with me and also is this mcgrady a jersey or anything? also do u maybe have a scan of it?

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    mcgrady is not game used, it is the gold parallel #'d to 250 BV $30. please post the trade and I will confirm it. thank you

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