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    Tell me your redemption stories

    I just sent in a Leon Washington 06 Topps Turkey Red Auto Redemption a week ago and want to be prepared for the result. This is my first redemption card. Can I expect to get the card? Is it good I sent it Confirmed? How can I check the progress on getting my card? Please LMK. Oh and BTW check my bucket.

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    i have never edemed for mtopps but i have got quite a few from donruss and they actually email you when they recieved the redemtion and when they send it out. never had problems not recieving a card from any company. i also had a lendale white from press pass legends and they got it back to with in 3 weeks i was surprized it was very fast.

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    I sent a redemption out for Topps once and it came back in less than 2 weeks, they have pretty good redemption service.

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    I sent out 2 for topps pristine 05, and one came back about 3 weeks later, the other came back about 5-6 weeks later. I never checked status and I was not upset because I had banked on 3 months based on the stories I had heard.


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    Thanks for responding. That comforts me a bit. I heard whispers of 8 month waits and even more than a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarok691
    Thanks for responding. That comforts me a bit. I heard whispers of 8 month waits and even more than a year.
    If it were an Upper Deck redemption, you probably would be waiting at least 8 months! I am pretty sure Topps will get that redemption to you within a month. I am still waiting on the SP Authentic Cedric Houston Autograph #ed/850 to finish my set and it's been almost a year!


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    In my experiences, Playoff Donruss has the worst track record. I've had to wait in excess of a year with them. All of the card companies have made me wait 6 months plus for a redemption, but everytime, it's because the players are being lazy, and won't get the stuff signed.

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    be thankful that its topps and not upperdeck, took me over 8 months to get the wrong redemption from UD

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    I have never had problems w/ UD, especially since you can redeem and track the status on their website. Leaf/Donruss takes very long, and there is no way to track them. I have 2 Bruschi autos with them, and it's been over 2+ months for each. I don't expect them anytime soon.

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