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Thread: Oriolels TRIPLE GU /18

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    Oriolels TRIPLE GU /18

    This card can be found in my bucket. Players are Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, and Reggie Jackson. The one has a 2 color patch. Plmk. Will sell thur paypal or trade. Please pm me if you are interested in buying. thanks


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    What about the Leaf rookies and stars triple patch card? Whats it numbered to and I see its got Hank Aaron, who are the other 2 players? I'd be happy to trade or buy. Let me know please.

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    Sneekc- The players are aaron, spahn, and mathews. I cant trade or sell taht. its firm pc. your sig says you are selling exquisite redemptions. Are you looking to trade any?

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    If your willing to give around $300 in BV making up 1 or 2 cards then maybe.

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    What kind of book value are you looking to get I also like your Pujols/Wood Please check my site


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    sense- im looking for 60. the wood/pujols im not sure about yet. Ill look at your list in a little bit.

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    Ok just let me know the book of the Pujols when you find out

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    sense- I like your pujols patch and the pujols/beltre a little. I also really lik eth jackie robinson and the dimaggio gu. plmk bvs and what we could do. thanks

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    The Pujols and DiMaggio I want to hang on to right now. As far as the Robinson goes it doesnt book and Beckett says no book due to lack of market info. Which I was told menat they werent supposed to be released. Either way Im looking for around 100.00 in trade because that is what I gave up for it.


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