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Thread: 1st Game-Used Cad

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    1st Game-Used Cad

    what set featured the first gu'd card and who was the first player...

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    I would guess Upper Deck

    but no clue as to the player.....

    perhaps Griffey Jr, since he was the first ever player featured on their 1989 #1 inaugural card

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    Is this a trivia question? According to their website, Press Pass is responsible for the GU madness:

    Press Pass Highlights

    1993-Press Pass introduces event-used redemption insert (lugnuts) in its first race card product.

    1993-Press Pass incorporates thermography technology in Tribe Comic Cards.

    1994-Press Pass introduces year-long interactive insert cards labeled "Cup Chase" in its race card product. (The concept continues in 2002!)

    1995-Press Pass launches first basketball card product.

    1996-Press Pass launches first football card product.

    1996-Press Pass pioneers event-used memorabilia trading cards.

    1998-Racing Champions acquires Press Pass brands.

    2002- Press Pass introduces Total Access, an interactive trading card guide and checklist of the entire set of trading cards on a CD.

    I believe the actual first one was:

    1996 Press Pass Jersey Cards J1 Allen Iverson

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    no it is not a trivia, I was just wondering, damn I never would have thought that it was presspass, but I guess they had to find a niche...

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    I know, really surprising to find that out! They are popular with their NASCAR cards, but I don't like their sports cards at all...

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    same here! Wonder how Press Pass came up with this idea while Topps, which has been around for decades, didn't??

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    I thought it was Upper Deck in 1997 with that Piece of history card with gwynn and griffey.

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    Originally posted by wdwain
    I would say Press pass or Collectors Edge!
    I remember when CE first did those game-used ball inserts... I dunno what year that was though.

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    it was either 97 or 98... i had a ton of them till they dropped in price and i unloaded all of them while they were worth something

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