I'm doing another grab bag thing. have 10 random basketball grab bags, each one will cost 50 CC and will include shipping. Each bag will contain 6 base cards (BV no less than $3 ), of which most (at least 5) will be star players. players will be ranging from James Posey to Michael Jordan. The BV of one base card can go as high as $8. The bag will also include 2 rc's, and cards will be ranging from Jared Jeffries to Carlos Boozer to Jay Williams, and all will mostly be 02-03 rc's. Each grab bag's BV will be at least $5 if not higher, and could be as high as $15. PLUS, one of the grab bags will include a 97-98 Stadium Club Tim Duncan "Hardwood Hopefuls" RC BV $10 in place of one of the rc's. So again here is what you get for just 50 CC shipped:

6 base cards BV at least $3 (at least 5 stars, BV can go as high as $12)

2 Rookies BV at least $2 (BV can be as high as $10)

1:10 chance to get a $10 Duncan RC

So for only 50 CC, you are guaranteed to get at least $5 worth of cards in a worst case scenarion, but you also have a chance to get a $15 bag PLUS a Duncan RC $10! For 50 cc you have a chance of getting as much as $25 worth of star cards. Like last time, I have randomly selected 10 grab bags and assigned a number to each. When you buy a grab bag, please select a number between 1 and 10, and that is the grab bag you will get, so this process is completely random. One person can buy up to 10 grab bags (If you do you will definitely get the Duncan RC :) ) If you don't believe this is legit and you have a chance of getting the Duncan rc, just ask sealdpwr, who bought 2 grab bags the last time I was doing it, and got the Kobe graded rc in one of those.