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Thread: Buying Prospect Autos

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    Buying Prospect Autos

    I'm looking to buy prospect auto's from 2004 SP Prospects, 2004 Elite Extra Edition and any Bowman products. Leave a list of what you have for sale and individual prices. If a deal is struck, payment will be made through paypal.

  2. Kronozio
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    i have a 2006 brooks brown xfractor auto on ebay right now, but ill sell it to you for 17 dlvd. plmk

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    I just bumped my Bowman Sterling AUTO sale list to the top of the trade forum. Please let me know if you need any of those. Thanks. Michael

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    briguy- I'll pass, thanks.

    mike1870- I don't need any of those, thanks anyway.

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    ReyOrdonezforLife- Can you give me individual prices for the Shealy and Cannon?

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    Sorry, not looking to sell the Shealy.

    Cannon would be $23 dlvd. It's been at that range on the bay.

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    I have these Bowman prospect autos, prices are listed delivered, but will do all 3 for $25.00 delivered:

    2006 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks RONNY BOURQUIN blue autograph, #DP70, (10.00),
    2006 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks MATT LONG refractor, blue autograph, #erd/500, #DP83, (12.50),
    2006 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness WADE TOWNSEND blue autograph, #SG-WT, (4.50)

    Thank you.

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    Please check my Bucket. I have quite a few prospect autos for sale. Thanks.

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    lmk if you want to buy philip hughes, pm me, i have bowman chrome auto, bc ref auto, bowman heritage auto, elite extra auto and elite extra turn of the century auto
    collecting 2003 fleer platinum nameplates, Pre-67 Vintage in NM or better condition and whatever random stuff I can find in your bucket!

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