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Thread: Anyone Buying?

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  2. Kronozio
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    You have some various Sweet Spot cards listed but Im not sure if the are jerseys/autos/or just rookies. I would be interested in the autos. If you could tell me a couple of those players you have Spot autos for and a price I would appreciate it. If you have a bunch you dont have to list them all, just a few and the price and if those are good I can ask for others. thanks

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    I am interested in the Manning RC and the Addai ROOKIES.

    Please price individually and as a lot.



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    I like the 04 Portis auto, and the 06 Jones-Drew GU. LMK?

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    kyle- manning gone I will go $5 dlvd on all the addais

    westcoast-no portis auto, i will go $4 on the drew

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    Do you still have all the Viking rookies listed? Make me a whiz bam deal on all.
    I'd send cash....

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    How much for this, and is this the redeemed card or simply the redemption?? A. Brooks 06 Sweet Spot Parrallel Redemption


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