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    2006 HTA Topps UH - Best Box I Ever Busted!

    Being that I only buy base brand boxes, the title above may not be saying much, lol. Anyways, last night I busted a box of 2006 Topps Updates & Highlights HTA jumbo packs (12 packs with 35 cards in each), before going to work. Otherwise this would've been a live break. These average one relic/auto card per box.

    So I got the usual Mantle and Bonds Home Run History cards (12 of each) and other decent insert cards too (with bv's):

    Topps Chrome Rookie Card (Box Topper) CRC38 John Maine (Mets)
    1st Edition 217 T.Hoffman/B.Wagner/J.Borowski LL $1.50

    Rookie Debut:
    RD2 Ian Kinsler $1.50
    RD4 Josh Barfield $1.00
    RD7 Eric Reed $1.00
    RD17 Ricky Nolasco $1.00
    RD20 Jordan Tata $1.00
    RD21 Taylor Buchholz $1.00
    RD26 Yusmeiro Petit $1.00
    RD31 Enrique Gonzalez $1.00
    RD37 Jon Lester $8.00
    RD38 Chad Billingsley $1.00
    RD42 T.J. Beam $1.00
    RD43 Stephen Drew $2.50

    Topps Gold:
    11 Russell Branyan #'d 0754/2006 $1.50
    30 Jae Seo #'d 1227/2006 $1.50
    127 Jorge Julio #'d 0098/2006 $1.50
    145 Cole Hamels #'d 1746/2006 $4.00
    197 A.Pujols/J.Edmonds/S.Rolen PH #'d 0283/2006 $8.00
    203 J.Mauer/D.Jeter/R.Cano LL #'d 0456/2006 $10.00
    256 Bronson Arroyo AS #'d 1773/2006 $1.50

    2006 Topps Black 45 Scott Williamson #'d 13/55 $15.00

    Also pulled some nice mojo (in this order) too:

    2006 Topps Update and Highlights All Star Stitches AJP A.J. Pierzynski Jsy $10.00
    2006 Topps Update and Highlights Signature Moves BP Brandon Phillips E N/A
    2006 Topps Update and Highlights Printing Plates Magenta 254 Lance Berkman AS N/A

    Yes, I pulled a GU (2nd pack), an auto and a printing plate (last pack--my first 1/1!). I was pretty impressed with this box. My son (Dodgersalltheway) is so envious. I had gotten him a hobby box of this same product for Christmas (36 packs/box, 12 cards/pack) and he pulled only one GU (Alfonso Soriano All-Star Stitches). So next time I buy him a box of Topps, its gotta be the HTA/jumbo packs, lol.

    Considering that the box contains about 420 cards and the base set is 330 cards, I probably have the complete set or close to it. I'd like to complete as much of these insert sets as I can so all is NFT.


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    Very nice man! Congrats, I think most would be happy with that break. I just hit my First 1/1 a few months back (Non Plate kind though).

    How much per box are those?

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    Thanks! That box break defiinitely made my day--in fact it made my week!! I paid $43 for the box at a card show this past Saturday. I almost had bought the hobby box for$36 but took a chance on getting more inserts with the HTA box. I'm so glad I did!

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    Awesome break Andy!!
    Nice golds, good job on the Black (that;ll pay for the box, almost), and of course awesome hits!

    If you do decide to trade anything, I could use this:

    Topps Chrome Rookie Card (Box Topper) CRC38 John Maine (Mets)

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    Way to go Andy.Always nice to get that first 1/1 out of the way...

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    Really really need this 2006 Topps Update and Highlights Signature Moves BP Brandon Phillips E N/A

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    Congrats on the 1/1 Printing Plate pull! Nice break. Congrats.

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    nice job man, congrats!!would these 2 happen to be FT?

    11 Russell Branyan #'d 0754/2006 $1.50
    256 Bronson Arroyo AS #'d 1773/2006 $1.50

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    Sorry guys. At this point, nothing is for trade. I'm gonna hold onto these for awhile (at least til someone offers a few of my white whales, lol).


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