Poll: Should the celtics been playing more???

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    Cool Paul Pierce in AllStar Game?????

    i know he was picked to be in the allstar game, but does anyone really think he had enough playing time...i know i dont... i mean hes my favorite player, and he rules so he should get some respect... not just paul pierce...but Antwan Walker didnt play a minute either... i think the all star game was great and all, but the celtis on the team should have played not ridden the bench

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    Pierce got caught in the whole Jordan thing, so I don't think he cared that much not playing a whole lot.

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    pierce and the celts kick ™™™ and they winnin the atlantic divison this yr and paul is one the best players in the league...walker in pierce 2nd best duo

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    he should have played alot more but i dont think he cared he just wanted jordan to win it

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