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Thread: Who have I traded with?

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    Who have I traded with?

    Have I traded with anyone that I have not left feedback for.
    I consider trades buying and selling too, you know the best trading dollars for cards.

    I got...

    I know I am forgetting some folks

    timmy we are still working on ours

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    Oh yeah! How about the #1 Vick for 4 Just Packs and something else for the Fleer box.


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    Originally posted by gioperation
    didn't you buy a hinske from me or steal one rather?
    LOL, you're right. At it's current value now though it wasn't so bad for you.

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    I'll send out your Vick #1 card. Can you send the Just packs (let me know when you do?) Many thanks.


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    shoot, now I gotta try to remember who I traded with, lolol

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