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Thread: Looking for grab bags.

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    Looking for grab bags.

    I am looking to get a grab bag with the largest amount of cards possible. All I have is 50 cc. How many cards will you give me for it. It does not matter if they are commons.

    I would also pay cash for a lot of commons.

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    I'll sell you a 25
    card lot of commons/small level inserts for $3...LMK

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    how much cash do you have?I'm looking to move alot of my commons!Were you thinking in teh $5 range, or $15-$20 range?
    I can get you a lot with stars,commons,2003, all sorts of good stuff!LMK

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    n/m it seems you owe it to someone else already

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    Grab bags is one of my specialities, but in the past I've filled them with inserts and stars, not commons. A large number of commons costs a lot to ship, which is why most people wouldn't do it for 50cc

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    Ok.I can sell you 45 cards for $5.00, and I will include shipping in a bubble mailer, and 10 cards of your choice from 2000 Topps Opening Day series. To determine which 2000 topps cards you get, I need to know what teams/players you like. If it doesn't matter just tell me.Pm me if interested!

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