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    New to the forum

    I have been lurking for a while and decided to register and get involved with the site. I hope to do some trading. I am a huge Kansas City Royals fan so if anyone has any Alex gordon, Billy Butler, Lubanski, Teahen, Hochevar stuff you are willing to trade let me know. I hope to be really involved in the site and looking forward to talking with you all. I also am a HUGE Nebraska Cornhuskers fan so if anyone has stuff like Eric Crouch, Darin Erstad, Cory Ross, Tommie Frazier.
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    i have a billy butler RC from 05 topps pristine i believe.. if interested i will dig for it and make sure i still have it

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    Glad you dove in...welcome

    I do a lot of team trades with folks and I haven't done a royals deal ever, so I have a ton of base, a few inserts (maybe) & some rookies.

    I'm interested in similiar cards of the red sox and patriots (if u do football)
    It's just a good way to unload base cards of a team you don't care about & pick up a bunch of stuff with a royals logo on it....

    If you want to do something, i can start pulling my royals card and let you know how many i have. As a total guess....I'll say I have 200 royals.

    If you have anything more than like 50 sox cards it's worth doing in my book.
    I usually trade in other peoples favor if I have more cards of their team, I am mostly looking to clear out space & pick up a few guys i like.
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    I have an erstad GU cards and could pull some base and insert of him if you take what I pull PLMK Jerry

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