I have these RC LT's :

Bowmans Best #/1499
Bowmans Best #/1499
UD Graded
UD Pros and Prospects #/1000

Tom Brady Bowman Chrome RC

Peyton Manning Finest
Peyton Manning Finest JUMBO Refractor

I am selling these AT ebay prices maybe a dollar or two cheaper. Leave offers and Ill get back to you tonight or tomorow afternoon.

Also have these baseball...

Johan Santana BowmanS Best BGS 9 RC
Pujols Donruss The Rookies 201
Ryan Howard Bowman Chrome Refractor 2003
Chris Young DBACKS Bowman Chrome Xfractor(x2),Blue Draft Refractor, BC Refractor


Lebron James Bowman Chrome RC
Dwight Howard Topps Chrome Black Refractor, Topps Chrome Xfractor, Topps CHrome refractor