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Thread: Drew Jones Bowman Chrome Fs!!

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    Arrow Drew Jones Bowman Chrome Fs!!

    Looking at getting 20.00 for Drew Bowman Chrome..

    If interested please let me know.. if you have the new beckett, drew is the way to go.. his cards will increase a lot!!

    please look below..

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    What kind of bv are you looking for on it? $20 seems a little high?


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    i dunno i just through out a number since its new... i could do 15 too lol..

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    Sorry it will Prob only bv for $15 I would trade for it if you are looking to trade


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    book will come out at 10-12... we all agree he has potential and has done well, but to put $20 cash is silly at this point...
    I could give $20 trade value (even though it is over book) or I would pay $7 cash dlvd

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