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Thread: Philip Rivers SPA RC f/t $500

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    Philip Rivers SPA RC f/t $500

    I have this for trade, bk is $500 and sells very high. Looking for other high end from baseball or football. No more that 2 cards on this one. Please list what you have FT on this, I will look at sites and buckets, but if you have cards that are not tradeable tell me before hand so I don't waste both of our time.


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    check my page for it. The only things off limits are LT, LJ, Colston, Wayne contenders and 06 Contenders

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    I am only hosting the Tiger Auto's for my Brother-in-law.....sorry

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    flip...would you be interested in a jason campbell exquisite rc to start?

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    intrested can you check.the only thing that is not avaliable is the Pujols

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    Liked the Oswalt, but can't do that for the Rivers. LMK if there is anything on my bucket you like for that.

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    I would be very interested in the Rivers. Check my bucket and let me know if I have anything that interest you. I might be willing to buy as well, if you're selling? Just let me know.

    Thanks, Ryan

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