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    True Justice Please Read !!!!!! Great Story.

    I made a trip to my local target for me weekly retail blaster of Topps Heritage or Turkey Red and viewed something beyond the realm of pathetic. This dark haired 5' Nothing slimy greaseball was going through ALL the packs in the shelves, TEARING OPEN THE PACKS EVER SO SLIGHTLY looking for chromes, autos, GU, ect. He had busted the last heritage retail blaster and was searching those packs as well. The packaging was all over the floor and packs were stacked to the side (no doubt his loot). The topps sets (you know the ones with the mantle GU cards in the front) had the GU cards ripped out of them and were nowhere to be seen. He had opened turkey red packs and heritage packs and just ignored my 6'4" self standing behind him while he did his pathetic little thing.

    Just then, something in my head just overheated and I lost it. I was about to snap his neck when I got a better idea. I (like a good little snitch) went the the closest register (insured her it was not about the service) and asked to speak with the store manager. The actual General Manager of the store greeted me from the back in about 30 seconds and asked what the problem was. I informed her of the behavior of this guy and that he was destroying their merchandise. She proceeded to grab the scary butch lesbocon security guard by the doors and walked up to this guy who was very suprised. The guard proceeded to look at the opened merchandise and asked him if he was going to pay for the 150+ packs (EASY) he had opened. He (in a very shaky scared voice) stated he did not have the money and just wanted to leave. The guard (not making any of this up) then noticed some stuff jammed into his pocket and asked to see what was in his pockets. The last thing I saw before grabbing my blaster of Turkey Red was him being escorted back to the security office. The general manager thanked me and told me they would prosecute for the cost of ALL the open packs/topps sets (4 at 59.99), file charges for shoplifting and turn him over to the PD.

    I hate to be a filthy little rat but that guy was going too far with the searching. That is what truly destroys this hobby. Greed drives people to extreme measures and I really hope that guy learns something from that. BTW that retail box contained 1 Leinart rookie (trees), one Young rookie (blue sky), a red variant leinart rookie, a red varitant jones-Drew rookie, some other good rookies and a P. Manning Gold variant 1/50. Not too bad. Very satisfying trip to target.

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    Bravo! Great job! My question is, how is this guy sitting on the floor opening stuff with no one noticing him?!

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    Hey Matthew!!!! GREAT Job Buddy!!! I ran into the same Situation with a Couple Young Kids Before doing that, But I Took it Upon Myself to Just Scare the Livin Daylights Out of them...:icon_eek: I Think they Probably Learned their Lesson That day... People Like that are what Ruin this Hobby...

    Also I could use that Peyton Manning Insert Ya Pulled.. LKM

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!

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    As far as I can see most of the employees could not care less. They just walked by and said nothing. He stood there shadowing the cards and doing his thing. He was pretty quick about it and seemed VERY nervous, mabye he had been caught before. It was the scale at which he was doing it that shocked me. He was even putting the opened packs back right where they were to start with. He obviously had a lot of practice. I hope the other stores he did this at find out.

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    I gotta say::

    If someone feels packs for thick cards or Game Used or something w/ out opening anything, thats 1 thing(just my opinion)

    But actually tearing and ripping packs open lol, thats not pack searching, thats STEALING and is illegal~

    Well , he go what he had coming to him.


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    If you go into a store, rip open a bag of chips and try one to see if you like them before buying them, then leave them there, that is NOT legal. It is the same basic principle. The part that really blew my lid was the Retail Blaster he had torn open. Factory sealed and that didn't even stop him. That is greed at it's best my friends. Just look at the 2.99 ebay auction on how to find the "hot packs" in stores. Now they sell a guide on how to cheat the hobby.

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    That was awesome, wish I could have been there to see that.

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    Way to go! Good job! I couldn't imagine watching something like that. Your break wasn't too bad either with the Young RC, Leinart RC, Jones-Drew RC, and the Manning paralell card. Congrats!

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    First off congratulations on the decent pull. Second, you did the right thing man. As tempting as it would be to open a can of whip ™™™ on him, you made the right choice. These days when you straitn out a punk like that you'll end up in the pokie yourself.

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