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    Jay Cutler Personal Collection Rate it!!!

    Im bored at work so I thought id show this off and ask everyones opinion. Listed are the autos and a few of the game used I have. Its not all in there I have so many base rookies and inserts it would take forever to scan!! So i have created a poll just for fun and to get everyones opinion!!

    Let me know what you like and what you dont like!!!

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  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Best I've seen man! Crazy amount of low #'d auto's ... and HOW IN THE $*$* did you score the Red Hot Triple!!?!?!?! WOW ....

    one thing I didn't see was a Gridiron Gear auto #'d/225?? I'm selling mine if you want it?

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    I do need it just for me right now im strapped, memorial services and cremation stuff is expensive!! Ill hit you up after the weekend im setting up at a show (i have to in order to balance my spending) so if i do good ill take it from ya

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    Hey no problem man, I have it on ebay but so far no hits. and also I sent you a PM .. my condolences bro. My prayers are with you.

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    That collection is money Adam...I really do hope for your sake that Cutler becomes a star. I know you've had to give up a sizable chunk of your collection to get all that stuff.

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    Hey adam I also forgot that I have an extra 99 Sp Authentic Ed McCaffrey auto incoming if your interested.

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    Craig- only thing i believe could slow him down is injuries other then that man this kid is going to be good!! Reminds me of a couple Gun slingers one a former Bronco the other a Future HOFer if he ever retires LOL!!

    JE- I do need that ed mccaffrey!!

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    Yeah Cutler definitely reminds me of Elway and Favre, when I watched him play at Vandy I was impressed and then he landed on the Bronc's and I was STOKED!!!

    and yeah we'll work something out for the McCaffrey (and the Cutler GG auto if it doesn't sell before then, I really need some $$$)

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    Adam it stinks lol. Nah just kidding man it looks pretty darn good.

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