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    Talking 1 box sp authentic 2005/06 hobby

    most people on this board know i really don,t buy much basketball but daves was selling this box for 58.95 and the auto list was decent not a great rookie class but i thought why not,supposed to get 3 autos i thought got only 2 but i,m not complaining,got all the big names in base first auto was dissappointing came in the 8 pax on the left hand side.

    martynas andriuskevicius thats a mouthfull #0330/1299

    middle 8 pax 2nd pack down this bad boy is the most mojo i,ve had in quite sometime,it,s a rookie authentics 4 color autopatch and part of the reason i decided to try this box

    chris paul signed chris e. paul #0016/1299

    this goes to the top in my collection tuffstuff has it worth 600 bucks does anybody have the bv for becketts thanks in advance and i now pass my mojo onto the next boxbreak thanks for the read take care steve

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    thanks flyshyts wish i could have more like it but you take what you can get take care steve

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    That's the reason to get that box!

    (BV is $400 on the Paul in Beckett, I think)

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    thanks for the bv andrew and buschmaster what no multiplier for a 4 colored patch surely that should get a premium j/k thanks steve

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    It definitely does in some circles. I don't have a Beckett on me, but I think there's a multiplier in the magazine.

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    the regular Chris Paul SPA auto sells for over $100...there should be a SWEET multiplier on this card since it's a 4 color patch. CONGRATS!!! :D
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    Wow! Nice pull on the CP3 4 color patch Auto! Congrats!

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    would you guys trade this card for a box of bowman sterling football need opinions thanks in advance take care steve

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